Boarding Requirements

These requirements must be fulfilled within a month of your project being accepted to Friends Of Cake.

If your project doesn’t yet fulfill all these requirements, poke us, and we will help with anything we can.


  • Must be compatible with CakePHP 2.3 and higher
  • Must conform to the CakePHP code guidelines
  • Must have at least 50% code coverage
  • Must use Travis for automated testing on commits
  • Must use Coveralls to track code coverage
  • Must provide composer support
  • Must exist at Packagist under the FriendsOfCake user
  • Must be tested on $min_php_version and up to PHP 5.5
  • Must have well documented code (docblocks, @annotations etc)
  • Must have well documented user guide with examples
  • Must have high code quality (e.g. defensive coding, check return values and more)
  • Must convert any GitHub wiki pages to gh-pages or
  • Must comply with semantic versioning (
  • Must use GitHub releases & Git tags, with descriptive changelogs
  • Must use master for stable release, develop for integration branch and feature branches for the rest
  • Must not have failing tests in master
  • Must use MIT license


Optional. Can be completed at your convenience.

  • Should support PHP >= 5.3
  • Should have real documentation in gh-pages branch (url will be<project name>on GH)
  • Should have 80%+ code coverage
  • Should do primary development through pull requests for easier peer review
  • Should publish a roadmap
  • Should use milestones for issues

After becoming a FoC project

Ongoing requirement to remain in Friends Of Cake:

  • Must be well supported (should not have old tickets laying around)

Get In Touch

Have a plugin or project that would benefit the community? Get in touch to discuss adopting it into Friends Of Cake, increasing its visibility and reach.

We hang out in our friendly IRC channel #FriendsOfCake on Freenode.