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Heads up!
These docs are for Crud v3 - that only works with CakePHP 2.x. For CRUD v4 docs please go to the new documentation site
The CRUD v4 documentation has been completely rewritten, and since CRUD v3 and CRUD v4 API is ~95% identical, it may be worth a look for CRUD v3 users as well until v4 docs are backported for v3.

Crud View




  • Dynamic, should not require files on disk for core features ** People can override functionality by providing their own widget / view paths
  • Based on TwitterBootstrap (a theme that doesn’t suck - with MIT license)
  • Agnostic on authentication and authorization
  • Responsive by default (Desktop & Mobile)


  • Normal index lists
  • “Scopes” - active, deleted etc. - (server side works with SearchListener))
  • “labels” (e.g. checkmark / minus for boolean) for fields in the list
  • change sorting on fields
  • configuration for each file (e.g. date format)
  • Filters (Somewhat done by AD7Six + cakedc/Search) ** Date ** Search
  • API links (json, xml, csv, xls) for current request
  • Action items (Add new etc.)


  • Basic $this->Form->inputs()
  • Allow creation of tabbed forms / fieldsets
  • Custom widgets for form fields (upload, date etc.)
  • Nice selector of related records other than just selects (they suck for big lists)

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