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These docs are for Crud v3 - that only works with CakePHP 2.x. For CRUD v4 docs please go to the new documentation site
The CRUD v4 documentation has been completely rewritten, and since CRUD v3 and CRUD v4 API is ~95% identical, it may be worth a look for CRUD v3 users as well until v4 docs are backported for v3.

DebugKit integration

Adds DebugKit integration to Crud

The panel contains the following information:

  • The Crud Action configuration
  • All Crud Listeners configurations
  • The Crud Component configuration

Additionally the DebugKit listener will add useful DebugKit timing information to the Timer panel


This listener will only track DebugKit timers

For the DebugKit panel the panel must be configured manually as shown below.

class SamplesController extends AppController {

  public $components = [
    'DebugKit.Toolbar' => [
      // Add Crud panel to DebugKit
      'panels' => ['Crud.Crud']
    'Crud.Crud' => [
      // Load DebugKit listener
      'listeners' => ['DebugKit']


The listener do not have any configuration options

Example output

Below is an example of the DebugKit panel activated

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