Friends Of Cake is a group of dedicated CakePHP developers working together to provide the CakePHP community with high caliber CakePHP plugins and resources.

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Friends Of Cake is an awesome group of individuals working together to promote good standards in the CakePHP community and foster a team of friendly, supportive developers within the latter.


We're building a collection of CakePHP plugins actively maintained by Friends Of Cake contributors who commit to follow quality standards set forward in our boarding requirements.


Contributions like yours are our lifeblood. Have a plugin that would benefit the community? Once it meets the requirements, read the migration guide to learn how to prepare it for approval.

Our Projects

Our intention is for all projects to be fresh and relevant; therefore, any project that loses activity for six months will be archived.


CakePHP Application development on steroids - rapid prototyping & scaffolding with production ready code - JSON APIs and more.

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A CakePHP application skeleton for new projects. Pre-packaged with community-approved plug-ins.

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Crud Users

Users plugin based on the CRUD action classes.

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Crud View

Automated admin backend based on your CRUD configuration.

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Plugin containing some authenticate classes for AuthComponent.

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Bootstrap UI

Transparently use Twitter Bootstrap 3 with CakePHP 3.

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Easy Travis integration for CakePHP plugins.

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A search module for CakePHP applications.

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CakePHP plugin for creating and/or rendering PDFs, supporting several popular PDF engines.

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CSV View

Plugin to quickly enable CSV output of your model data using a CSV View.

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Vagrant Chef

Vagrant Chef creates a Vagrant installation for CakePHP.

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Awesome CakePHP

A curated list of amazingly awesome CakePHP plugins, resources and shiny things.

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Get In Touch

Have a plugin or project that would benefit the community? Get in touch to discuss adopting it into Friends Of Cake, increasing its visibility and reach.

We hang out in our friendly IRC channel #FriendsOfCake on Freenode.